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From concept to reality

This blog is a series of videos where I explain how to bring an idea from concept to launch. First, I explain how I draw inspiration from disappointment and what can you expect from the next videos.

Here, you will learn how design and development work in coordination, how we use overlays during the livestream, design as part of our identity, technical limitations, security cameras as inspiration, the unexpected reason of having a live chat, and a lot more!

How we adapted a livestream software for the broadcast of Pickleball. We implemented logos, picture and picture, different sound systems, publicity, and different takes.

Thought this was funny, I accidentally recorded myself debugging the live stream. This is what the job of a software engineer looks like.

When business meets technology it’s all about tradeoffs. You will undertand why we decided to broadcast from our landing instead of building a new app, how we interact with other services, and I show my favorite feature. Hope you enjoy it.

This is how our final product looks like. This is how we transform the way we play sports 👊

Matchmaking is all about the players and they say it!

See what our technology can do

Get a firsthand look and ask any questions you may have.