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Hello potential clients and investors

Luis Gerardo López Torneo Nacional de Pickleball

I am Luis Gerardo López, the founder of Matchmaking. I am writing to share the story of how our company was started and why we are passionate about what we do.

As a former accountant, I felt trapped in a dull and unfulfilling job with no opportunities for growth. But I knew that technology was the key to building the future, and I wanted to be a part of it. So, during the pandemic, I decided to take the opportunity to learn software development, little did I know, my lifelong passion.

As I studied, I applied my learning to solving a real-life problem I had: finding tennis partners of my level and schedule. I created an app to solve this problem, and it was so successful that I ended up developing software for the UK health industry and even for Google.

I wanted to see how my software would fare with real users, so I incubated the project and Matchmaking was born. We assembled a team of talented and experienced individuals to improve our financial, legal, and technological expertise.

We then pivoted the project to focus on padel and pickleball, two of the fastest growing sports in the world. Last year, we sponsored the first pickleball national tournament in Mexico and won first place in an epic match. This tournament allowed us to connect with other sports industry professionals and gain a deep understanding of the sport.

At Matchmaking, we believe that sports play a major role in improving our society. As one of the most obese and violent countries in the world, we see the potential for sports to bring people together and create a greater sense of social cohesion. We help our clients by matching them with partners who are compatible in terms of schedule and skill level, and by providing a platform for booking and organizing the sport community.

Luis Gerardo López Torneo Nacional de Pickleball

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something truly special. We hope to make a match with you and look forward to discussing our company further.

Best regards,

Firma de fundador

Luis Gerardo López

Founder, Matchmaking

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